Footprint Filters


Space-saving mounting under the servo or frequency converter

  • Customized VFD matched filters
  • Available for many brands
  • Low leakage current, high attenuation
  • Use of VFD’s possible in residential areas
  • Compliance with the limits even with long motor cables
  • Suppression to EN 55011/55022 class A and B
  • Suppression to EN 61800-3 Category C1 and C2
  • Manufactured according to EN 60939, UL 1283, RoHS

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Footprint filter are already available for many inverter brands or can be designed by us.

Footprint filters for following brands can be delivered as standard:

EPA, Mitsubishi Electric, Delta Electronics, Yaskawa, Omron, Lenze, KEB, Hitachi, Siemens, Fuji, Moeller, Toshiba, Control Techniques, LG, LS, Shenzen, Schneider Electric, Sanyo Denki and many more.

If you can not find on this list your desired type, so please check with us.

We have the right footprint filter for your inverter!


The inverter-filter combinations are designed and tested to comply with the limits of the following standards mentioned: DIN EN 61800-3 “Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems – EMC requirements and test methods” and DIN EN 55011 “Industrial, scientific and medical radio-frequency devices (ISM devices) – radio disturbance characteristics – Limits and methods of measurement”.

Technical Information

For further information please contact the separate datasheets for each filter series available. There you will find the dimensions, the filter circuits and the electrical data.

Leakage current

Especially in single-phase applications, increased leakage current is present. For three phase applications, the leakage is very low under normal conditions (symmetry of the three phases). The highest values ​​occur when switching on or in the absence of one or two phases. All NF-U grades are available on request as a “low leakage current version”.


Data_Sheets » EMC » Footprint_Filters » EPA
NF-U-M400.pdf790.91 K
NF-U-M700.pdf686.82 K
NF-U-SE.pdf152.54 K
NF-U-SK.pdf185.45 K
NF-U-SP.pdf126.67 K
Data_Sheets » EMC » Footprint_Filters » Mitsubishi
NF-U-MI-A540.pdf306.93 K
NF-U-MI-E500.pdf185.74 K
NF-U-MI-F700.pdf307.03 K
NF-U-MI-S500.pdf222.55 K
Data_Sheets » EMC » Footprint_Filters » CT_Emerson_Nidec
NF-U_Control Techniques.pdf617.49 K
NF-U_Emerson.pdf617.49 K
NF-U_Nidec.pdf617.49 K
Data_Sheets » EMC » Footprint_Filters » Delta
NF-U_DELTA.pdf380.07 K
Data_Sheets » EMC » Footprint_Filters » Lenze
NF-U-LE-8200v.pdf120.29 K
NF-U_LENZE_8200.pdf120.92 K
NF-U_LENZE_8400.pdf266.09 K
Data_Sheets » EMC » Footprint_Filters » LSIS
NF-U_LS.pdf595.12 K
Data_Sheets » EMC » Footprint_Filters » Hitachi
NF-U-HI-LSJ100.pdf243.88 K
NF-U-LSJ300.pdf193.77 K
Data_Sheets » EMC » Footprint_Filters » Siemens
NF-U-SI-MM4_1.pdf287.36 K
NF-U-SI-MM4_2.pdf288.07 K
NF-U-SI-MM4_3.pdf288.08 K
NF-U_SIEMENS.pdf676.82 K
Data_Sheets » EMC » Footprint_Filters » Fuji
NF-U-FU-C11S.pdf191.05 K
NF-U-FU-E11S.pdf163.56 K
NF-U-FU-G11S.pdf180.97 K
Data_Sheets » EMC » Footprint_Filters » Omron
NF-U-OM-FV.pdf166.34 K
NF-U-OM-JV.pdf119.25 K
NF-U-OM-MV.pdf153.38 K
NF-U-OM-RV.pdf244.90 K
Data_Sheets » EMC » Footprint_Filters » Yaskawa
NF-U-YA-F7.pdf166.02 K
NF-U-YA-G5P5.pdf152.93 K
NF-U-YA-J7.pdf240.40 K
NF-U-YA-V7.pdf241.23 K
Data_Sheets » EMC » Footprint_Filters » Common
NF-U common.pdf3.77 M
EPA_Footprint-RFI-filters_NF-U_data-sheet.pdf718.55 K