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Leakage current compensation LEAKCOMP® HP

In summary:

  • Compensation of operational leakage currents up to 500 mA (RMS)
  • Increases the operational safety of plants
  • Use of RCD / RCCB with a differential current of 30 mA or higher according to DIN VDE 0100-530 is possible

Operational leakage currents are caused by various electrical devices and component circuits. The best known causes include drive technology components such as frequency inverters, servo drives, cable shields and other EMC components. Other causes are switched-mode power supplies, UPS systems, electronic ballasts and regenerative units.

The required use of the AC/DC-sensitive residual current circuit breakers (RCCB) is almost impossible in these applications, since today’s residual current protective devices (RCD) cannot differentiate between operational leakage currents and failure currents due to human contact or insulation problems.

With the LEAKCOMP® HP leakage current compensation, frequency inverters and servo drives can be operated safely on AC/DC-sensitive RCCBs with a rated residual current of 30 mA or higher.*

Reliable personal and fire protection is guaranteed!