About EPA GmbH

EPA stands for EMV – Produkte – Antriebe (EMC – Products – Drives)

EMC quality products for attractive prices and short delivery times. Our long-time experience and our know-how in the EMC technologie guarantee affordable products at a high quality standard. We help you to produce EMC compliant and secure parts of a device or facility, in order to meet the limits of the EMC standards. We will support you in achieving an EMC- and Earthing concept for your machines and parts, while building EMC compliant cabinets and reaching CE-conformity for your products.

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As a middle-class company we have fast development times for special solutions and short handling times for requests and orders. Our stock with over 1.500 m² including more than 2.000 different parts ensures fast and short-termed deliveries, even within a few hours. Customer satisfaction, customer orientation and efficiency are our credo.

Interference suppression by EPA – A necessary requirement of a device or a facility to achieve EMC compliance

The quality of the electrical supply is becoming increasingly important. The increased use of high-frequency semiconductor technologies in power electronics and also the requirement of very sensitive measurement and control apparatus require a “clean” power and control supply system.

To ensure an error free operation of devices and machines in different environments (domestic or industry) and to meet the legal limits, it is usually mandatory to use EMC filtering devices. Often the topic EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) has many different standards, regulations and complex theories associated with it.

It is often said that EMC is a somewhat unexplained phenomenon.
Not so – it is a comprehensible and controllable electrical effect. We understand the most common causes and offer suitable solutions!

You would like to have an individual consultation or an EMC-measurement on-site?

No problem, measurement appointments directly on your machine or your part or in our anechoic chamber are available at short notice. Our service department will be glad about your scheduling proposal! Our well attuned and experienced staff members offer the opportunity to you to find suitable answers and solutions to all of your questions and problems.

Do you have further wishes or particular questions? Flexibility is our strength! Please let us convince you that we are the right partner for you.