Your Advantages

Why you can trust in EPA


Quality comes first

All our products are subject to a stringent quality check. In collaboration with our research and development department and our suppliers we pay close attention to only use and process top-quality materials. Moreover our quality management examines the finished goods and only top products will be allowed for shipment – Control by Self-Control. Also EPA is a ISO 9001 certified company.

Stock Availability

We see ourselves as a partner of electro-machinebuilders. Due to our wide-ranged stock we have a very high disposition for immediate deliveries. When you rely on us, you will not experience a time delay and will be able to accept your goods shortly after placing your order.

Delivery Capacity

When you place your order until 14:30 o’clock, your goods can be shipped out with a same day service – stock availability provided. Express shipments with a next day or a Saturday service are possible. Tracking by an Internet system is a standard service after the goods have been taken over by a parcel service or a carrier.

Cost-benefit ratio

Due to our wide range of articles you will always find the needed part for every price level. We are always striving to keep development- and production costs at a reasonable level in order to provide innovative technology at fair prices and conditions.

Free Telephone support

At EPA you talk with humans over normal telephone lines without any extra cost. We would like to advise you on your choice of a suitable filter.

24 h – Availability

We have no answering machine. For emergencies you can always reach our staff even aside from normal working times.

Customer orientation – not only a slogan

Our company’s structure is alined to the needs of our customers. Good and long-term relationships are our goal.

Customer specific labels

In case you wish special or additional logistic labels on the package or directly on your goods, please just let us know your specific ideas or needs.

Special Handling

Do you work with the KANBAN-method? We can handle special procedures with you.

Customer friendliness

This is guaranteed in all departments of our company. Our competent service-, support- and sales-team, which you can ask on-site or reach by phone, will gladly answer any of your questions.

Special Solutions

In this catalogue you fi nd our “standard-EMC-components”. Of course, we have developed many customer specific parts over the years, so in case you need a special solution for your applications or your parts, please talk to us. We have the experience and the possibilities to develop your solutions and to monitor the compliance to the limits of the EMC-directives.

Experience in electrical drive engineering

Over 25 years ago EPA was founded as a distributorship for inverters. Due to our history we can look back on a tremendous experience in interference suppression of EMC, since most interferences are caused by electrical drives (inverters and servo drives).

EMC Measurements

Technology and humans should live and have to live in harmony. This is the reason why we check the compliance to the EMC-directives and the CE-compatibility. We also verify in our anechoic chamber and on-site with our EMC test equipment the disturbances / incompatibilities.

Leakage Currents & Residual Current Devices (RCD)

The “unloved” leakages belong to the EMC! We deal almost daily with the subject RCD or RCCB in systems with EMC filters and frequency inverters. Leakage current measurement and reduction are therefore our daily bread. Seek advice on this issue from EPA!