CAD / 3D Files

The following ZIP files contain the following file formats .stp, .dwg, .dgn and .pdf.

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download » en » CAD » EMV » NF » 1ph
NF-16-1ph-SchuKo.zip641.11 K
NF-16-1ph-SchuKoPlus.zip535.74 K
NF-1ph-1M.zip33.35 K
NF-1ph-2M.zip33.35 K
NF-1ph-DIN1.zip32.78 K
NF-1ph-DIN2.zip883.65 K
NF-1ph-DIN3.zip350.30 K
NF-1ph-DLR.zip102.13 K
NF-1ph-FSE.zip350.71 K
NF-1ph-FST.zip154.33 K
NF-1ph-FSY.zip31.01 K
NF-1ph-MHU.zip392.01 K
download » en » CAD » EMV » NF » 3ph
NF-320-FTX.zip341.72 K
NF-4-FSG_NF-8_FSG.zip60.64 K
NF-BFG.zip3.16 M
NF-DIN4.zip732.79 K
NF-FTK.zip1.28 M
NF-H.zip1.07 M
NF-HV.zip1.07 M
NF-K-H.zip1.01 M
NF-K-IT.zip1.01 M
NF-K.zip1.05 M
NF-KC-DAR-3.zip1.30 M
NF-KC-LKY.zip426.33 K
NF-KC-LL.zip1.01 M
NF-KC.zip1.10 M
NF-MHU.zip481.32 K
NF-R.zip1.24 M
NF-STIE.zip376.53 K
NF-T-150.zip125.11 K
NF.zip3.51 M
download » en » CAD » EMV » NF » 3ph+N
NF-4-BFG.zip1.16 M
NF-4-FSK.zip355.99 K
NF-4-FTN.zip942.90 K
NF-4-FTR.zip942.08 K
NF-4-FTT.zip270.72 K
NF-4-PPR.zip1.45 M
NF-4-RHY.zip338.70 K
NF-4-SD.zip415.88 K
NF-4.zip1.45 M
NF-DAR-4.zip966.96 K
NF-K-4.zip642.08 K
NF-KC-DAR-4.zip584.03 K
download » en » CAD » EMV » NF » Beruehrungsschutzhauben
5S030027_NF-600_kurz.zip1.05 M
5S030818_NF-600_Halb.zip1.06 M
94990110000_NF-1200_1600.zip1.05 M
99999970_NF-600_lang.zip1.05 M
99999971_NF-800.zip1.05 M
download » en » CAD » EMV » NF-U
FESS.zip8.63 M
NF-U-LE-8400.zip649.33 K
NF-U-LE-i950.zip548.35 K
NF-U-M400_NF-U-M700.zip1.19 M
download » en » CAD » EMV » EPAxN
EPA1N-16.zip1.66 M
EPA1N-7.zip1.27 M
EPA3N-11.zip519.85 K
EPA3N-124.zip1.35 M
EPA3N-156.zip1.13 M
EPA3N-16.zip483.65 K
EPA3N-182.zip954.61 K
EPA3N-21.zip549.49 K
EPA3N-230.zip962.72 K
EPA3N-280.zip872.40 K
EPA3N-29.zip512.71 K
EPA3N-2_1.zip657.91 K
EPA3N-330.zip873.95 K
EPA3N-35.zip570.14 K
EPA3N-4.zip484.67 K
EPA3N-400.zip892.83 K
EPA3N-46.zip698.56 K
EPA3N-500.zip809.02 K
EPA3N-60.zip692.96 K
EPA3N-7.zip492.68 K
EPA3N-75.zip0.96 M
EPA3N-95.zip0.99 M
download » en » CAD » EMV » DUDTN
DUDTN-10.zip508.12 K
DUDTN-110.zip0.99 M
DUDTN-143.zip843.44 K
DUDTN-156.zip653.67 K
DUDTN-18.zip520.69 K
DUDTN-182.zip654.53 K
DUDTN-230.zip752.69 K
DUDTN-24.zip520.97 K
DUDTN-280.zip743.99 K
DUDTN-2_1.zip449.95 K
DUDTN-32.zip447.34 K
DUDTN-330.zip708.58 K
DUDTN-4.zip474.85 K
DUDTN-400.zip686.41 K
DUDTN-45.zip569.44 K
DUDTN-450.zip651.07 K
DUDTN-550.zip640.46 K
DUDTN-60.zip567.81 K
DUDTN-650.zip639.73 K
DUDTN-72.zip851.31 K
DUDTN-750.zip872.01 K
DUDTN-7_5.zip522.44 K
DUDTN-90.zip0.99 M
download » en » CAD » EMV » SFAF2
SFAF2-400-10.zip827.63 K
SFAF2-400-110.zip1.19 M
SFAF2-400-12.zip910.67 K
SFAF2-400-150.zip1.24 M
SFAF2-400-18.zip0.96 M
SFAF2-400-180.zip1.12 M
SFAF2-400-24.zip960.23 K
SFAF2-400-2_5.zip733.65 K
SFAF2-400-32.zip1.49 M
SFAF2-400-4.zip734.09 K
SFAF2-400-40.zip0.98 M
SFAF2-400-48.zip1.27 M
SFAF2-400-60.zip1.33 M
SFAF2-400-6_5.zip817.79 K
SFAF2-400-75.zip1.28 M
SFAF2-400-8.zip892.28 K
SFAF2-400-90.zip1.30 M
SFAF2-500-1200 mit Haube.zip2.52 M
SFAF2-500-1200.zip2.17 M
SFAF2-500-200.zip2.56 M
SFAF2-500-300 mit Haube.zip1.31 M
SFAF2-500-300.zip0.99 M
SFAF2-500-400 mit Haube.zip1.30 M
SFAF2-500-400.zip1.04 M
SFAF2-500-600 mit Haube.zip1.54 M
SFAF2-500-600.zip1.27 M
download » en » CAD » EMV » OC
OC-1 OC-2 OC-3 OC-4 .zip148.16 K
download » en » CAD » Ableitstrom » RCCB
EPA_RCCB_1_2.zip1.67 M
EPA_RCCB_4.zip884.81 K
EPA_dfa_3.zip261.78 K
EPA_dhi_11.zip587.62 K
download » en » CAD » Ableitstrom » LEAKCOMP
DC-Entkoppler_LC-DCE.zip4.78 M
LEAKCOMP_1C.zip428.07 K
LEAKCOMP_1P.zip1.63 M
LEAKCOMP_HP.zip374.12 K
LEAKCOMP_HP_eco.zip373.38 K
LEAKCOMP_HP_eco_ext.zip384.63 K
Netzteil _DR-15-24.zip3.48 M
download » en » CAD » Ableitstrom » LEAKWATCH
Leakwatch_LW-SK 1400-25.zip324.42 K
Leakwatch_LW-SK10000.zip1.21 M
download » en » CAD » Ableitstrom » PECON
PECON+.zip364.67 K