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Leakage current analysis LEAKWATCH

All-current sensitive residual current circuit breakers are being used more and more frequently in industry. The modern components in automation technology (such as frequency converters, inverters, EMC filters, switched-mode power supplies, etc.) generate system-related high leakage currents. These operational leakage currents are interpreted by the RCD protective devices as residual current (differential current), which often leads to an unsafe operating condition or to the RCD switching off.

The RCD cannot distinguish between operational leakage currents and true fault currents.

In practice, it is possible to measure the level of the leakage current load, but there is no statement about the individual frequency components of this load and the possibility of assessment, in relation to the tripping characteristic of the RCDs used (the RCD tripping thresholds differ depending on the type and manufacturer used).

The LEAKWATCH measuring and analysis system was specially developed for measuring leakage currents (residual currents). It offers the possibility to bring the measuring signal directly in relation to the tripping characteristic of all well-known all-current sensitive residual current circuit breakers (type B / B+) available on the market. By means of a percentage display and a colored traffic light display, the degree of utilization of the selected residual current device can be recognized immediately.

The frequency analysis and a consideration of the effective values of individual frequency components provide valuable assistance for the leakage current balancing and the selection of possible filter measures (e.g. low-leakage current line filters, leakage current compensation or similar).

Thus, the LEAKWATCH is the solution for the preparation of the leakage current balance.