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Leakage current compensation LEAKCOMP® 1C

In summary:

  • Fixed compensation for operational 50 Hz leakage currents of 5 mA or 11 mA
  • Increases the operational safety of plants
  • Operation of single-phase loads on RCD / RCCB with rated residual currents of 30 mA or higher → Compliance with the requirements for personal and fire protection

The EPA LEAKCOMP® 1C is used to compensate the capacitive leakage currents with a frequency of 50 Hz, which result from EMC filter measures for single-phase loads (e.g. power supplies, frequency inverters, UPS, lights, line filters, Y capacitors etc.).

These so-called “operational” leakage currents are recognized by the RCD protective devices as residual currents and so often lead to unsafe operating conditions or to shutdown of the machine or system!