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Leakage current compensation LEAKCOMP® 1P

In summary:

  • Fixed compensation of operational leakage currents up to 50 mA (RMS)!
  • Increases the operational safety of plants
  • Use of single-phase inverters / VFDs on RCD with 30 mA or higher

In industry, residual current circuit breakers (RCCB) are used more and more for personal and fire protection. The modern components in automation technology (such as frequency inverters, line filters, switched-mode power supplies, shielded motor cables, etc.) generate system-related leakage currents. These so-called “operational” leakage currents are recognized by the RCD protective devices as residual currents and so often lead to unsafe operating states or their shutdown. The RCD cannot differentiate between operational leakage currents and fault currents.

The EPA LEAKCOMP® 1P compensates the operational leakage currents that occur in the system / machine and thus prevents false tripping of residual current protective devices, which are caused by excessively high 50 Hz leakage currents. The functionality is given with all commercially available residual current circuit breakers of types A, F, B and B +.