Quality management

The product quality is given top priority!

As one of the leading German manufacturer of RFI filters, EMC products and EMC system solutions, the company EPA GmbH attaches great importance to high-class products with consistent quality.

Selected suppliers deliver the best components which we need for production, thus ensuring an almost unlimited variety of EMC filter solutions. The EPA quality control starts at the origin, since suppliers check the goods before delivery according to various criteria and strict EPA quality standards. All components supplied are also once again subjected to careful inspection of incoming after delivery at EPA and only released for the known EPA-quality.

Taking into account the latest scientific knowledge and using the most modern technology, ensures that the quality from EPA not only meets the legal minimum requirements, but far above.

Return procedure in case of a complaint

We work with the so-called “Return Material Authorization number system” (short RMA number system), in which every return is assigned an unique number.

Of course, we strive to deliver only high-class and top-quality products. Should any objection give rise to a complaint, so we ask you to inform us before returning the goods (tell us the serial number and a short description of the error).

We will then send you a return delivery note and an individual RMA number that uniquely identifies the process. This number should be specified with any correspondence to the process in order to allow a smooth and quick, uncomplicated handling. Thanks for your help!


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