Individual consultancy for your projects


You are about to launch a new project and want to get things done properly right from the start?

Accordingly to our philosophy “from the line input to the drive” miscellaneous considerations have to be made before you can launch your project! With individual consultancies at your premises we support you to set the course right during this important step. Faults that have been made in the start up can be hardly (therefore expensive) removed at the end.


You have finished your first analysis just recently and got a bad result? Even in this situation EPA is a qualified partner to help you. We team up with you to develop practical soloutions. Just in this often time critical project step it needs a fast and uncomplicated soloution for the problem.

Topics that may appear:

  • Drive layout (VFD, motor)
  • Parameterizing of variable frequency drives
  • Gear layout
  • Leakage current (e. g. RCD trips)
  • Fault clearence (EMC, filter)
  • Programming PLC
  • Installation rules to fit EMC standards (incl. filter layout)

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