3-phase asynchronous motors

We offer the possibility to add a incremental encoder to the motor (necessary for feeding back the motor speed e. g. for using the ‘closed loop’-mode ) or a seperatly driven fan (expedient when operating at low speeds, when self-ventilation isn`t enough).

Three-phase-asynchron-motors with cage rotor – Power range: 60 W to 500 kW

  • miscellaneous speeds
  • pole-switching constructions available
  • approved for variable frequency drives
  • energy-efficent and eco-friendly
  • build to fit DIN EN 60034 (IEC 72)
  • mounting dimensions and power rating to fit DIN 42673, 42677 or progressive
  • robust, low-vibration, grey cast iron construction
  • protection class IP55 (up to IP65 on request)
  • temperature level F mit thermical reserve (H optional)
  • terminal boxes BG 315 alternatively top, right and left available
  • customisable
  • optional with incremental encoder
  • optional with seperatly driven fan
  • optional explosion protected


Mounted incremental encoder for speed feedback


Seperatly driven fan for motor cooling