About EPA

EPA stands for EMV – Produkte – Antriebe (EMC – Products – Drives)

The company EPA GmbH, founded in 1988 as a distributor of frequency inverters, is now a renowned supplier of drive components. The product portfolio ranges from individual components to complete drive system for virtually all industrial applications. Due to the inseparable link between the electric drive technology and the EMC the medium-sized family-run business offers a comprehensive product portfolio of radio interference suppression components. Besides the production of standard and special filters the further development of these components is at the forefront. All drive components from the engine, transmissions, brakes, encoder technology, frequency inverters to customised EMC filters come from one source. Even complete cabinets are available.

In addition to the dimensioning of drives and motors the establishment of EMC-compliant and safe facilities and equipment is assisted in order to enable them to comply with the limits specified in EN standards and to obtain the CE conformity. Over 25 years of industry experience enables quick development times for special solutions and short processing times for inquiries and orders.

The 1,500 sq. m. warehouse with over 2,000 different products ensures high availability and short-term deliveries, even within a few hours. Customer satisfaction, customer orientation and high performance are the credo of the company.