Complete systems

As a specialist in drive solutions we are much more a system provider than a disributor of components only. Beginning with the engineering over consulting and support to bringing into operation we provide the full spectrum including ready to use systems.

Our focus is on:

  • Planning of your applications
  • Layout of drive components (VFDs, motors, gears, transducers, braking resistors etc.)
  • Parameterizing and placing into operation of VFDs
  • Programming PLC and automation
  • Building of control cabinets (cooperation with sister company EPS)
  • Installation of electrical components
  • Development and assembling of client-specific RFI filters
  • EMC measurement and consulting
  • Optimizing of leakage current problems (fail tripping of RCDs)
  • Mains analysis (harmonics, mains fluctuations etc.)
  • Noise suppression on equipment and devices

Beside our standard products the further and special development of individual drive solutions ranks first.

We are familiar with all categories of drive technology. Our products are used in conveyor-techs, pump and fan applications, automotive and food industry, textile and tool machines and even in robotics.

System Examples:

  • Motor with incremental encoder and seperatly driven fan attached
  • Motor with attached variable frequency drive
  • VFD with footprint filter
  • Master slave control with two VFD
  • Complete control racks
  • and many more!

We`re happy to help you find the best and cheapest soloution for your application!

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