Control Techniques Commander S

Take charge of motor control and energy savings with the latest addition to the Control Techniques portfolio. With a feature set optimised for simple applications, Commander S provides a cost-effective solution for installations that require plug and play convenience straight from the box.

Marshal is your drive expert in the field.

Commander S is the first drive to come with an app interface as a standard feature. The Marshal app is our revolutionary way to interface with the drive covering commissioning, monitoring, diagnostics and support.

Commander S – making simple applications, simple.

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Commander S

The sleek curved design of Commander S optimises component layout for a small footprint and easy access to terminals. The click-on/click-off DIN rail mount makes installation remarkably easy.

  • Click-on/Click-off DIN rail mounting AND / OR screw mounting
  • Particularly easy to use thanks to the new Marshal App (Android/iOS)
  • Reliable and durable
  • Cost efficient
  • Power range in kW: 0.18 bis 4 kW (45 to 66 Hz mains)
  • Voltage:
    • 100V models: 100 to 120 VAC ± 10%
    • 200V models: 200 to 240 VAC ± 10 %
    • 400V models: 380 to 480 VAC ± 10 %
  • Output frequency/speed range: 0 to 300 Hz
  • Switching frequency: 4 kHz or 12 kHz
  • Inputs & Outputs: 2 Analogue input, 1 Analogue output, 4 Digital inputs, 1 x Digital input / output
  • Possible operation with high overload (heavy duty) 150% for 60 s (cold start), 150% for 8 s (warm start)
  • Communication: RJ45 for ModbusRTU, NFC as app interface
  • IP Rating: IP20

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