@DRIVE® is the name of EPA’s decentralized drive system. These modular inverter series can optionally be mounted directly onto a motor or a wall. The attachment is in both cases by means of adapter plates. For many motor manufacturers are already predrilled adapter plates for quick and easy installation.

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Its robust housing version in degree of protection IP 65 the @DRIVE® can also be used in damp and dirt-rich environments. Also new is the operating temperature range -25 ° C up to +50 ° C at a switching frequency of 8 kHz!

The @DRIVE® is available in a power range from 0.37 kW up to 22 kW; There are four sizes. Up to a Power of 7.5 kW the @DRIVE® works without a fan.

A version for connection to a liquid cooling system is optionally available.
When development has been strictly respected in compliance with an operational leakage current of <3.5 mA. This makes the use of the inverter in connection with RCCBs possible.

The parameters are set via the men-machine interface @PAD® or the software @SOFT®. An integrated soft PLC, the possibility of processing encoder signals, and optional field bus systems, eg Profibus, make the product complete.

Easy to service

  • Diecast housing in a robust and compact design
  • Protection IP 65 – resistant to strong dirt, high humidity and dust
  • Temperature and vibration resistant (-25 ° C to +50 ° C)
  • Without fan up to 7.5 kW
  • S1 operation at + 50°C and 8 kHz switching frequency

Flexible can be used with all common types of motors

  • Asynchronousmotors
  • Synchronousmotors
  • EC motors

Easy to install

  • Motormounting
  • Wallmounting (also directly on the machine housing)
  • Inside and outside usable


  • Vector control sensorless
  • Energy safe function
  • PID controller with standby function
  • Extended input voltage range
  • Catch a spinning motor

Simple operation and programming

  • Diecast housing in a robust and compact design
  • Integrated soft PLC according to EN 61131-3
  • PC-Software @SOFT® with oszilloscope function für fast commissioning and diagnostics
  • Fieldbussystems optional ( CANopen, EtherCAT, Profibus)
  • S1 operation at + 50°C and 8 kHz switching frequency


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